Aston Martin DB6 Restoration

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We are sorry that the photos in the project are not high definition. They were taken before the advent of modern camera phones.

In my opinion the DB6 is the best Aston that they ever made. It is better than the DB5 as you have more legroom, and it is a much more confident drive. I know it’s not the James Bond car which will always fetch a premium i.e., the DB5, but the six is far better.

In this instance we went to Scotland to pick up the car for the client and bring her back to Yorkshire for a restoration. We travel to all parts of the UK and main land Europe to pick up clients cars and bring them to our workshop in Yorkshire to receive a classic car restoration.

This car was parked up on axel stands for 30 years but previously it was used as the daily driver for a gentleman who was a civil engineer.

A full restoration was needed and as we do so many Aston Martin restorations we felt very at home doing this one.

The extensive work included taking the car back to bare metal, as you can see the car had a complete colour change to Silver at the clients request.  A full engine overhaul, a full re-trim on the inside and lots of new Chrome to bring the car back to life.

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