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We are sorry that the photos in the project are not high definition. They were taken before the advent of modern camera phones.

Not all of the cars that come to Classic Car lab are prestigious makes. Every car to us is very important and we value all our clients Cars.

This was a particularly challenging restoration as it needed so much work. The body interior and engine needed a full restoration. The car was given to our client on her wedding day by her father, used for her wedding then parked in a barn after the wedding for 22 years.

It is lovely to hear the story behind the car which evoked lots of memories for the owner. Particularly so in this case as a deadline was set and it was not movable as it was for another wedding ,in fact it was the owner’s daughter.

This was a wonderful car to restore but very stressful as we needed to achieve the goal of the car working and looking good. Thankfully we did.

Keeping as much originality as possible, however with one significant change, the colour was to be White.  Jobs included a full bare metal respray, new interior, new chrome, new windscreen to name but a few.  The final result was just beautiful and definitely wedding ready.

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